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We are a company that manufactures and imports wholesale products from Asia.


With more than 10 people our office located in Zhuhai China has, in charge of looking for serious and competitive products and manufacturers, verifying and visiting said manufacturers and coordinating logistics, to consolidate the containers of our clients, passing on the cost savings while maintaining the efficient process .


You don’t worry about anything, we do absolutely everything. From the sample process to the end of mass production. We enter the products into the country, carrying out the entire customs clearance process and we put it on a truck and take it to finally deliver it to our clients’ doors.


If you do not know what you need, or you need something very complex, it does not matter, we solve any problem. Either manufacture from a drawing, or create a production line. We accompany you in the development and manufacturing process of any project you have in mind.

Our Customers

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